Friday, October 22, 2010


Ahh, skinny Kate.  I miss her.  This photo must have been taken in the fall of 2007 or spring of 2008.  First of all, I'm wearing a sleeveless top.  That doesn't happen anymore.  And look at that skinny face!  Wow -- this is a huge reminder for me about how good I feel (let alone, look) when I'm at a healthy weight.

And that leads me into an update on the Great Baby Weight Challenge, which I began in September.  It hasn't gone so well.  I'm actually up in weight since beginning.  My exercise has picked up a bit, which is a good start and a nice benefit.  But getting down to a healthy weight is the ultimate goal, and that's not worked.

I did have a productive shopping trip to Trader Joe's with my trainer friend, Sara.  Although we mostly focused on understanding the lay of the land, I also picked up some items to try out.

And the things that I have tried so far have been good.  Including some chicken sausage and "Beans so Green."

I made this for the entire family a little while ago.  Jeremy and I both liked it.  The Baby Girl cried until we took the sausages out of her serving.  They were on the spicy side.

But  even with these few things - the shopping trip and the prepared meal - I've been unsuccessful at any weight loss.  You can read more about this in the "Accepting Failure" entry. So, I've decided to start over.

On Monday, October 25, we re-start the Great Baby Weight Challenge.  I could have continued with it as we were, but I was setting myself up for failure.  I was so far behind on my weight goals that it seemed an insurmountable task to even get to the first goal.

Thus - the re-start.  I'll update the challenge log and reprint it.

And this time, I truly intend to meet my weight goals - as well as my exercise goals - by taking this all seriously.  I will not have "just one" snack.  I will plan my meals.  And I will attempt to start eating "clean" as much as I am able.  That part will be a learning process.  But I know how to lose weight.  It's a matter of being committed all the time, and making this project a priority.  For heaven's sake, I brought my own meal to my own wedding shower because I was so committed back then.  It's time to bring that intensity back!  And let's keep Skinny Kate in mind.