Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hello from a ballroom in Florida

Let me paint you a picture.  Right now, I'm sitting at a 6-foot table in the corner of a ballroom.  There are about 250 people in the room at round tables, and 7 people on stage participating in a panel.  This is a big-scale production:  beautiful stage set, gigantic screens on each side of the stage, two camera-men, 4 AV guys at the AV platform in the room, 3 AV guys backstage.

That is my life this week.  I'm in this ballroom Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Last night, in this same room, there was an awards dinner for 390 people, followed by a dance with a great cover band that lasted until 11:30 pm.  And I was back in this ballroom by 6:30 am!

Last week I was in Seattle.  Smaller group, but I was the only staff person running the meeting.

I find it challenging to do all this and stay focused on my fitness goals.  Yes, this stretch of weeks is very much the exception for me.  But it throws me off!

In 2008, before I left for this meeting (it's annual), I was at my lowest weight ever -- 151 pounds!  I spent a week working this meeting in Florida, and then went to Sonoma, AZ for another program.  By the time I returned home, I weighed something like 160 pounds.  My routine and habits were shot.  My confidence was shattered.  I was disappointed with myself and disillusioned.

Why can't this fitness battle just be over??  Why can't you get healthy and fit, and then just check it off your list?  Complete!  Done!  Next challenge...

I got pregnant in the fall/winter of 2008, and had the Baby Girl at the end of July 2009.  I have yet to get my act together again and get back down to 151.  And I know I can get there because I've done it before.  But I still allow myself to get/be disillusioned and disappointed.

The session in this ballroom is all about defining goals -- Wildly Important Goals.  And then defining the key measures you focus on to get there.  People are being called out if they have too many.  Two to three steps are perfect.  Five are too many.

So, I'm keeping it simple.  My ultimate Wildly Important Goal is to get back to 151 pounds, and to be strong -- not a flabby, weak 151 pounds.

What are the 2-3 things - maximum - I can do that will help me get there?  What can I commit to today (or next week, when I'm back home) that will move the needle on the scale down?  Suggestions are welcome!