Thursday, April 14, 2011


Lots of stuff on my mind tonight... I've been home since about 1 pm, since I had to pick the Baby Girl up from daycare.  She had a fever today -- her first fever ever, and she's 20 months old.  So she's been very healthy.  When daycare called, they said her fever had ranged from 99.1 to 101.7 degrees.  Once we were home, she perked up for a while, and then went down for her nap.  A few hours later, I went in to get her and she was shockingly hot!  I took her temperature and it was 102.5.  So I quickly got some acetaminophen in her, which took her fever down within an hour.

Baby's sickness aside, I'm generally in a very good place right now.

  • I finally hit 10 pounds lost at Weight Watchers.  Less than 19 pounds until I reach goal!
  • Although work is busier than ever, I'm finding new challenges and inspiration lately.  I'm working on some innovative stuff that I hope will be accepted.
  • In less than 2 weeks, I start my Moms On The Run training program up in Shoreview.  Don't know much about this, other than we'll go on training runs, and baby strollers are welcome.  But I'm essentially guaranteed to get in at least two workouts a week.  Yippee!
  • Although my house isn't necessarily clean, the kitchen counters are staying clear and I wipe them down every night.
I'm not exactly sure why the weight is dropping right now.  But there are a few factors that likely figure into it.  I cannot remember the last time I ate a frozen dinner - of those pre-packaged boxes filled with preservatives.  Instead, I've been preparing more healthy meals, with lots of help from Trader Joe's.  And although I'm not getting in as much exercise as I'd like, I am at least usually getting to the gym a couple times a week.  And I think I'm taking better care of my mental health -- instead of staying up late "getting stuff done," I'm letting stuff go, and getting to bed early.  Sure, there are dust bunnies growing by the moment, but they'll still be there when I get around to cleaning them.

Speaking of which, it's now past my bedtime, so it's off to bed with me!