Friday, June 3, 2011


I've been growing up lately. Putting on my big-girl shoes at work and bringing more to the table. Changing my mindset. Focusing on supporting my direct-reports; focusing on my own professional development.

I've been growing lately. Treating myself to heaping late-night bowls of frozen yogurt. Falling off my "12 healthy habits" wagon. Working out more; yet eating more.

I'm actually at a rather good place in my work life right now. The new hire I recently made is working out quite nicely. I just survived an exceedingly stressful 6 weeks and hope to resurface and return to some development goals I've begun. My boss is pleased with me and my workload is at an acceptable level.

But why, oh why, can I not get my act together in my "healthy living" journey?  My March goal was to give up soda, which I did -- for March.  It's back with a vengeance now.  Probably 4 cans of Diet Dew today.  I don't even like it that much anymore.

Running club began the last week of April and I LOVE it!  I'm good about making it a priority on the dates we run (Tuesday and Saturday). But I absolutely suck at working out other days of the week.

I can go for about 10 hours max of eating healthy.  Or I lose 2 pounds, and then celebrate -- thus gaining 3.

It is not like this stuff is some sort of mystery. It's not like I don't know what I should be doing. It's not like I don't have reasons to get healthier.  So what's the problem?

  1. Prioritization?
  2. Planning?
  3. Time?
  4. Feeling I'm "good enough?"
  5. Too many other competing issues?
  6. Exhaustion?

I'm thinking it's mostly the last three.  Or at least numbers 4 & 5.  I'm "overweight," not "obese."  I have a husband who loves me for me (and who is overweight himself), so it's not like I'm trying to attract a mate. I could knock out a 30-minute 5K if I needed to. And quite frankly, the healthy tasks do not always make it to the top of my list.

Sleep is high on the list. I can really tell when I don't make it to bed by my 9:30 pm "bedtime."  So considering that I'm parenting from 5 to 8 pm each week night, my bedtime doesn't allow for a trip to the gym, showering and winding down before 9:30. Easier to skip the workout.

I also have a number of "projects" in the works that I anticipate will help me with my healthiness journey: menu planning, weeding through strength workouts to identify a half-dozen to actually use, keeping the house cleaner on an ongoing basis rather than sacrificing long stretches of time for cleaning.

So until I can wrap up these projects and incorporate them into my life, I hold off on taking the daily steps that would certainly contribute to some better results.  Foolish.

Kate.  Where are you going with this?  Where's the interesting story, the fun anecdote, the touching example that draws people to blogs?

I have none of that.  I have regrets.  I have excuses.  I have grand plans that grind to a halt on day one.

Do I make another grand plan?  Set a new goal?  Declare a do-over?  Hmmm.  Where do I go from here?

Well.  Good question.

It's June 3.  Barely into the month of June.  The Baby Girl turns two at the end of July.  That's about two months from now.  Instead of setting a weight goal to hit by the end of July, how about I identify a new area of focus each week?  Much like my twelve healthy habits, but on a shorter term.  And they could build.

From June 4 through 10: 
  • Do not buy/eat any MORE frozen yogurt -- at home or at work.
  • No unhealthy/pastry-type treats at work.
  • During drive to/from Duluth -- go through files/black bin project that's been sitting in my living room for two months.
I'll report back as to how this goes.